A Whitehead Associates Ltd

The principal, Anthony Whitehead, is a Tree Consultant, Chartered Forester, surveyor and Environmentalist.

Our specialism is trees in relation to soils - investigating tree-induced subsidence, building heave, analysing subsidence risk and the opposite side of the coin, the construction of how to build near trees without damaging the trees.

The company does not only advise on trees in relation to the built environment.  We have a long history advising on the management of trees in a wide variety of contexts from the health and safety of a single tree to the preservation of veteran trees in historic parks.

A Whitehead Associates owns a wide range of equipment to support our consultancy services from decay detecting equipment, surveying equipment, GPS and GIS to a range of site investigation equipment for soil recovery and analysis.

Both for general reports, reports for planning purposes and Expert Witness it is always our endeavour to be informative and offer practical advise based on scientific measurement rather than opinion wherever possible.

We are not contractors, but we are happy to undertake project management across the whole of the arboricultural sphere from tree establishment to where necessary, tree removal.